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Click here for the Top Ten Resources for New Externship Clinicians created by the AALS Clinical Section's Externship Committee.

Click here for the AALS Desk Reference Handbook.

New Clinician Conferences

Click here for the CLEA New Clinicians Handbook.

The AALS Clinical Legal Education Section and CLEA alternate hosting a new clinicians conference at the annual AALS Conference for Clinical Legal Education. In addition, special programming for new clinicians is usually offered at the biennial Externships Conference and at regional clinical conferences.

Teaching Resources for Law School Faculty

Click here the University of Minnesota of Law School's helpful research guide on law teaching and scholarship.  

Click here for the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning website.

The Clinican's Helping Hand Project

The ​AALS Clinical Section's Membership, Outreach, & Training Committee invites both new and past participants to participate as either as mentors or mentees. Every effort will be made to make assignments according to preferences, including practice area, geographic proximity (if desired), and teaching and scholarship interests. 

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