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Clinical Legal Education Association

CLEA exists to advocate for clinical legal education as fundamental to the education of lawyers. CLEA and its members seek to:

  • foster excellent teaching and scholarship by clinical educators;

  • integrate clinical teaching and extend its methods into the legal education program of every law school;

  • reform legal education so as to prepare law students for excellent and reflective law practice;

  • advance regulation of legal education that insures the continued vitality of clinical education in law schools; and

  • pursue and promote justice and diversity as core values of the legal profession.

CLEA Externships Committee

The Externships Committee advocates on behalf of CLEA and its members with respect to issues related to field placement programs. For example, together with CLEA’s ABA and Bar Standards Advocacy Committee, the Externships Committee represents CLEA in connection with ABA accreditation standards and state bar admissions requirements that have an impact on field placement programs. In addition, the Committee promotes increased awareness within the legal education community about the similarities, differences, and overlap between externships and law clinics. For more information about the work of the CLEA Externships Committee, please visit:

Co-Chairs:  Dena Bauman and June Tai

Committee Members:  Jodi Balsam, Kate Devlin Joyce, Carolyn Kaas, Kendall Kerew, Denise Platfoot Lacey, Neha Lall, Matthew McGovern, Melissa Redmon, Amy Sankaran, Anne Sidwell, and Cindy Wilson

Feel free to contact any member of the CLEA Externships Committee with questions or concerns about externship teaching generally, especially with respect to the ABA regulation of externships.

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