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Editor: Mary Lynch (Albany)

"This site was created with two goals in mind:  1) to create a useful web-based source of information on  current reforms in legal education arising from the publication of Roy Stuckey’s Best Practices for Legal Education and the Carnegie Foundation’s Educating Lawyers; and 2) to create a place where those interested in the future of legal education can freely exchange ideas, concerns, and opinions.  The blog contributors and editor will attempt to document and record the most recent innovations and academic experiments accompanying the legal education reform movement — and stimulate dialogue between and among all sectors of the legal academy." From Blog

A member of the Law Professor Blogs Network.

Editor: Jeffrey R. Baker (Pepperdine)

A member of the Law Professor Blogs Network.

Editors: James B. Levy (Nova) and Louis J. Sirico, Jr. (Villanova)


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