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Click here for the Top Ten Resources for New Externship Clinicians created by the AALS Clinical Section's Externship Committee.

The Clinican's Helping Hand Project

The ​AALS Clinical Section's Membership, Outreach, & Training Committee invites both new and past participants to participate as either as mentors or mentees. Every effort will be made to make assignments according to preferences, including practice area, geographic proximity (if desired), and teaching and scholarship interests. 


Faculty requesting a mentor: If you are a clinical faculty member (either new or not so new) who seeks a mentor, please click here to sign up.  This year, the program has been expanded to offer peer-to-peer matching, so consider re-submitting the form even if you have previously sought a mentor.


Faculty offering to serve as a mentor:  If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please sign up here

Committee Members:


Jodi Balsam (Brooklyn) Co-chair jodi.balsam@brooklaw.edu  

Jaime Lee (Baltimore) Co-chair jlee@ubalt.edu   

Lauren Aronson (Louisiana State) lauren.aronson@law.lsu.edu  

Sabrina Balgamwalla (North Dakota) sabrina.balgamwalla@law.und.edu   

Yael Cannon (New Mexico) cannon@law.unm.edu  

Kathryn Ramsey (George Washington) kvramsey@law.gwu.edu

See Clinical Conferences Page for more information.

The Clinical Legal Education Association's

2017 New Clinicians Conference

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Denver, Colorado

Program Materials

Click here for the AALS Desk Reference Handbook.

Teaching Resources for Law School Faculty

Click here the University of Minnesota of Law School's helpful research guide on law teaching and scholarship.  

Click here for the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning website.

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