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Learning from Practice: a Text for Experiential Legal Education (Wortham, Scherr, Maurer, & Brooks eds., 3rd ed. 2016) (“LFP”) is a leading national text for use in clinic seminars. Earlier editions of the text were rooted firmly in externship pedagogy. The third edition revises past chapters and adds new topics, including chapters focused on particular types of student practice experience.  The third edition and Teacher’s Manual also have considered how the text can be useful for teachers and students in courses with other experiential formats.


For a sense of the book’s coverage, you can read the Table of Contents. For an overview of the book’s structure and approach, read the Preface—For Teachers. Finally, to get a sense of the book’s relevance to students, read the Introduction for Students.

Teacher's Manual

The Teacher’s Manual for the text offers extensive suggestions and advice on using the book, from perspective on how to structure a clinic seminar using the book to insight on using individual chapters. Each chapter includes suggested exercises and discussion notes. The authors have taken care to describe the results of their own experience teaching the material in the associated chapter. At 522 pages, the Teacher’s Manual gives teachers a solid starting point for developing their own approach to a clinic seminar.


You can obtain a copy of the Teacher’s Manual for LFP directly from West Academic, or here: Link to Teacher's Manual

Purchasing the Book

Faculty can obtain review copies of Learning from Practice directly from West Academic. Students can purchase the text from Amazon or directly from West Academic. Note that members of Amazon Prime can rent the book for the semester.

Students also can purchase individual chapters directly from West for printing or reading online.


To purchase chapters, follow these instructions:

1) Go to

2) Click on the Store tab in the upper right.

3) On the next page, in the search box, enter the phrase “Wortham, Scherr”.

4) The next page starts a list that includes both the whole book and the individual chapters in the book.

5) Find the entry for each chapters listed below and click “Add to Cart.” You will need to return to the list of chapters to add each new chapter.

6) After adding all of the chapters below to your Cart, you can proceed to checkout and complete your purchase. West will then provide you instructions for reading and printing them through West’s Law School Exchange.

7) You will receive codes that allow you to access the relevant chapter. Make sure to use those codes quickly. You will lose access unless you do so within a relatively short period of time.

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